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Meet Ali, Nova and Kazi... These second generation, holistic-health practitioners are blazing a trail in the plant-based supplement industry. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Supa Nova Slom and Ali Torain learned about the holistic health lifestyle from their mother, and green food movement pioneer, Queen Afua. In 2016, the brothers joined forces with branding guru Kazi, whose expertise in digital marketing helped to scale Supa Mega Foods to new heights. Many of us didn’t readily listen to the wis

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You’re reading this because you already know that strong branding builds trust, makes you more recognizable, and adds value. You know that your photos are “good enough” (or not- hey no judgement here), but you’re beyond the “anything-will-do” stage and you’re ready to truly elevate your brand. Even if you hate being photographed, me and my team are here to make this a stress free experience. But I know you may still have your doubts. I’m not sure what type of photo will best represent me.

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If anyone deserves to be treated like a star, it’s you. You spend all day worrying about others, cleaning up messes (literally and figuratively) and taking care of everyone else. But what about you? When was the last time you were not only pampered but able to capture the day with a celebrity style shoot? If you’re like most women, then the answer is never. That’s why we’ve created this experience with you in mind. We’ve designed this to be more than just your average photo shoot. We know

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You know that writing is pretty much a solo gig, but pros don’t go at it alone. At some point you want to know what others think. That’s where we come in. We call ourselves BOOMers, because we think it sounds a bit cooler than "critiquers" (hey, we never claimed to be cool). For the most part, we’re just like you. We read, we write, we eat, sleep and repeat. What really excites us is reading your work and helping you to make it the best it can be. We came up with BOOM Critique after hearing so many writers complain about the time it takes to hear back from well-intentioned family and friends (who probably didn’t want to read your work in the first place) or snail-paced critique groups.